4K Film Projects

Over the last several years I have created six short films in 4K resolution for large-scale projection. I originally made my living with a camera as a filmmaker, so this current work is something of a return to my roots—a chance to rekindle and build on my skills in the making of moving imagery.

But the more immediate impetus was a commission I did for the Boston Symphony Orchestra in its Boston Pops mode.

I produced a montage of my landscape images that was projected on a forty-five foot screen above the orchestra during two live performances in Boston Symphony Hall. The music was Antonin Dvorak’s Symphony No. 9, “From the New World”.

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A Road Trip Through Eastern Nevada and the Mojave Desert

Great Basin Rabbitbrush
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Last fall I took a road trip through the Great Basin country of Eastern Nevada and the Mojave Desert of Southern California.  I’ve added two new images to my active collection from the trip.

The first (above) is an image of rabbitbrush catching the last light of day in a high country meadow.  It was shot in Great Basin National Park, NV.  I was drawn to the way the warm shades of ochre and yellow in the flowering heads contrasted with the cool cyan of the foliage.  To my eye, that combination makes for a harmonious color “chord”.

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San Diego Museum of Art – late 2019

My recent video work will anchor an exhibit at the San Diego Museum of Art scheduled to open at the end of 2019. The show will be installed in two galleries—a darkened space with a large-scale projection set-up, and a conventional room featuring my landscape photographs and camera-based work. Updates to follow as the date approaches.

Recent Durango Workshop

I taught a workshop recently on landscape photography in Southwestern Colorado timed to the turning of the aspens in the San Juan Mountains. The three-day session was hosted by the Sorrel Sky Gallery in Durango.

A Trip to Southeastern Utah

I returned recently to Southeastern Utah, one of my favorite places on the planet. Over a week, I traversed the stretch between the town of Boulder on the west and the Colorado border on the east. It is an area of wide open roads and just a few small towns, widely scattered and relatively isolated.

I spent the last night in Mexican Hat where people routinely drive one hundred miles to Cortez, Colorado to get to a supermarket and other services that most of us think of as daily essentials.

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New Images from Southern Utah

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Visitor Comments

Read visitor quotes from the gallery guest book in the San Diego exhibit: Rare Places in a Rare Light: The Wildlands Photography of Robert Turner.